Activities and attractions in Gariep Dam

GARIEP DAM AREA ATTRACTIONS Atraction and activities in Garipe Dam

This unique upper Karoo open fields in combination with the larges dam in South Africa is surrounded by nature reserves with plenty of fresh air lots of flat plains and hills. This creates the perfect combination for watersport enthusiasts, runners, hikkers, mountain bike riding, bird watching and wildlife game viewing with peaceful sunsets and breathtaking skies at night.

Activities ranges from a boat cruise, mountain bike trails to horse riding, canoes much more.

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Attractions in Gariep Dam. Attraction and activities

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Attractions in Gariep Dam Surrounding Area. Attraction and activities

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Area Maps Gariep Dam area maps

Gariep Dam area maps

Gariep Dam area accommodation options. Accommodation in Gariep Dama rea

View great sun rises over the biggest inland water mass of South Africa. It is an experience to sleep at Gariep Dam with many accommodation opportunities from the luxury units, guest houses, chalets, farmhouses, lodges, hotel, resort to nice budget backpackers.

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