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Listing optionsYour listing options.

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Accommodation listing R550 / year
Banner ad (limited space) R850 / year
Home page text ad rotate randomly with other ads R450 for 2 months
Restaurant listing R350 / year
Attraction or activity listing R350 / year
Business listing (basic) R150 / year
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Professional Establishment Photos first 15
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Website creation / makeover starting from R1750 - R25000
* Business card design R350 - R550
* Brochure design R950 - R1750
* Road sign design R775 - R 1550
Virtual tour points (360x180 degrees) starting from R550 for 3 points.


[Prices subject to change without notice]
* Designed product's printing will be organized in Bloemfontein.
* (price exclude printing & self collection of product)

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